Saturday, June 12, 2010



every now and then a band comes alog and i think "wow, this actually does sound and feel like being stranded in an ancient forest". moon truly sound like vast woods, and winter moons, esoteric rites, desolation. their music is very cerebral and atmospheric. check it out. oh yeah and they are from australia.


its a cold cold world


this is great textured suicidal black metal from one extremely bummed german fellow. layers of dense withering riffs bore at your soul one jab at a time.great vocals. great riffs.

part one:

part two:

holy shit!



This is a new release from the bay area, this band obviously take weakling as a main influence(hence the bands name, logo, sound) and being that weakling is my favorite band im blown away by this band. Though at times it sounds like their ripping off weakling riffs, this is still a thoroughly bleak and intense slab of black metal. imagine weakling but less psychedelic and more dark and blackened.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

triste - hin

this is yet another dense cold work of sounds like being in the back of a vast cave,while being eaten alive by a relentless abysmal void.being ascended into soulless abandon. its half noise, and none of the instruments are discernible from each other every now and then a recognizable melody will submerge from the great tangled knot of sound, yet its so ethereal and cohesive. trance like and reverent.


this is a 10 out of 10 on my scale. this is a massive blessing ( or curse) unto the world! the production melds all the instruments, vocals ,and other sounds into one cohesive and very organic and life like sound. its beautiful, cathartic, foggy, and apon intent listen will bring you to strange states of consciousness. i cannot even begin to describe how good this is.

original sin/ËDÏËH split"

This is some serious strange black metal happening, it takes the whole melencholy thing to a whole new level. it almos resembles a standart lofi bm project doing new order covers or somthing.the ËDÏËH side is called butterfly catastrophe..? this is a gem of super obscure black metal. the song lonely sunday on the original sin half is great.

anchorites - demo rehersal tape

this is the first recording of my band ANCHORITES.playing a lofi sludgy variety of ambient black metal.we have another tape release called "time" that came out recently that i will post eventually.please check this stuff out.

ash borer - demo tape

this is a ridiculously good demo by ashborer.ambient black metal, with hints of doom and post metal. this shit is great

cascadian black metal at its best: LEECH

This is my favorite release by Leech. its a split lp' with legendary nola doom band Thou. the leech side is a 20 minute epic of dissonant guitar and howling reverb drentched vocals, a pulsating trance like abyss of drums. the sound of this is perfectly lo fi yet cohesive. this is highly highly recomended.

i also forgot to mention that the Thou side is pretty heavy aswell.

find this and buy it.

this is a tape of earlier material by Leech. its called against leviathan. this doesnt compare to the split with thou, but this is still great soilid cascadian black metal. theres even a cool track of a man giving a speech in an indigenous cascadian language.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


storcrow/coffins split. the stormcrow side is pure dense war crust metal

soggy black pulsating abyss

this Russian nsbm band play bm that's so lo fi that it resembles a strange vehement noise project more than metal. steal this,don't buy this and support the fascist shitheads

this band is great for us drug users.its heavily processed vocals/pedals/samples. its slowly consumes you into a blissful gnosis, with shimmering swells of sound.


blackened dbeat ,some clear parts. also this is from russia.

addaura - demo

cascadian black metal, in the vein of the style. atmospheric. reminds me of leech

hell is an abyss of tapes

this is a tape of some punnishing blackened doom/ noise, from a band called hell. such an amazing find

done with hermetics

ive kinda half ass decided to start posting stuff again. heres some cool stuff

new project with john gossard(singer/guitarist of weakling. brooding dark lofi black metal. epic